Fire This Time is an independent newspaper reflecting the struggles of oppressed people for building a new world. The newspaper is free and non-commercial. The Fire This Time Newspaper is supported solely through the individual donations from readers and supporters. Fire This Time (FTT) prints 10,000 copies per issue, 20% of this is distributed throughout Canada, US & Internationally via mail.

On August 31 2012, three FTT activists were brutally assaulted, handcuffed and removed from Transit property by over 10 Transit Police and RCMP officers while distributing FTTs at the Metrotown Skytrain Station close to Vancouver. This was the culmination of a four month campaign of harassment and intimidation against organizers distributing the FTT newspaper at Transit Stations.

This was an attack on our fundamental civil and democratic rights which include freedom of expression and the right to organize and demonstrate without violence and intimidation. It is also a case of police brutality, which is a disturbing trend growing in Canada.

This blog includes a detailed account of the police harassment and assault as well as photos and videos documenting the assault. We also hope to provide useful resources for others fighting similar struggles.

As we say in our first public statement regarding the assault,

“Incidents like these remind us that if we don’t defend our rights we lose them. We will vigorously defend not only the right of our organization to organize and publish its ideas, but the right of all poor and working people to do the same even if they contradict the current government’s policies and practices. We absolutely refuse to be intimidated by violence and harassment, and call on all peace and social justice loving people to join with us in defending our fundamental democratic rights. United we can defend and extend the rights past generations fought so hard to establish! United we can win!”

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